Valve’s Steam Consumer Beta Provides Assist For Nintendo Change Pleasure-Con Controllers

Image: Nintendo Life

If you love being able to sync your Nintendo controllers with new devices and applications, you might be a fan of Valve’s latest update to Steam. The company responsible for such hits Half a life, Team fortress 2 and the Portal The series revealed that it has added support for Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers in its latest Steam Client beta.

If you have access to Steam and this particular client, it means you can now sync your Joy-Con and use them as a controller. The patch notes state how they are supported individually and can also be used in pairs.

“Added support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers, individually as a mini gamepad and together in pairs”

This latest update follows Valve adding support for classic Nintendo Switch Online controllers at the end of July. This includes the NES, SNES, N64 and Mega Drive / Genesis wireless controllers. In this latest update to the Steam Client Beta, Valve also appears to have “improved support for classic Nintendo Online controllers”.

Previous valve added support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in 2018, and yes even made pads like Hori Game Pokkén Tournament DX Pro Controller compatible with its client. Interested in using your Joy-Con games with Steam? Tell us down in the comments.

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