Tom Brady is again at apply

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Online Game Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady he caused a bit of a stir by missing practice on Friday for personal reasons. The stir can officially end. Brady is back.

Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times yes video evidence posted of Brady practicing.

Brady has missed two practices, and hasn’t been on the scene since the news broke that the Dolphins were heavily interested in him, from 2019 to 2022. Brady has yet to hold a press conference since the NFL announced his results, as that’s it. he was not asked about the issue.

A wild guess – the questions he will get from the media covering the Bucs will be much different in tone and content than the questions he has currently endured from the media in Boston.

While Brady did nothing wrong (according to the rules) by interfering, the timing and extent of the discussions go far beyond taking a phone call and he can’t politely pursue the possibility. There was a lot of communication between him and Dolphins vice chairman Bruce Beal, a close friend, about the possibility of Brady playing for the Dolphins while Brady was playing for the Patriots and Buccaneers.

Brady has every right to do that. But it’s hard to fully accept the notion that Tom is all a team and Tom is really about Tom. He is trying to choose his next place to play with the main goal in mind is whether that organization will help him achieve his goal of not just winning another Super Bowl but, ideally, all of them.

When he’s on a team, he’s on the team. Because he needs to be a team to achieve what Tom wants.

A favorite Super Bowl ring. Also called, the next one.

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