The three Zodiac Indicators with Tough Horoscopes For Thursday, August 4, 2022

As the Moon enters Scorpio, we may become very sensitive to our surroundings; our empathy levels are up. If someone we know is not feeling well, we feel for them. If we encounter something negative, we will internalize it and it will make us anxious, or anxious.

The best thing about this is, though we are in this delicate situationwe are also in the company of Pluto square the Moon, which distorts the whole picture and tells us that we will be picking up on all the dark energies around us.

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August 4, 2022, is not so much about negative actions or bad behavior; we will not fall in lucky month or being fooled by friends … we will, however, be stuck in our minds, and that is where the trouble of the day lies.

We may not start thinking negative, dark thoughts, but as the day goes on, we may notice that we are feeling more and more anxious and on edge. This is the direct experience of Pluto square Moon during the Scorpio moon.

Our feelings can range according to content, as well, which means that we may be afraid that something is wrong with our health, or we can put the hypersensitivity in a completely different direction and fantasize that we are not going to get paid for our work, or that we might have accidentally done something wrong.

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