The Rotom Telephone is lastly getting a second digital camera

The Rotom Phone is getting a major upgrade. After it was introduced in Galar region three years agothe updated version of the smartphone-that-inhabited-by-a-Pokémon finally making the jump from one rear camera to two. The handset will be available soon in the new region of Paldea too.

It’s hard to tell exactly what type the second lens is — all I can see is that the main lens remains blue and the new second lens black. I don’t think that information is enough to make an informed guess about whether this new lens is a telephoto, ultrawide, or something else, although I hope to be able to that second camera used to take pictures of. the new best boy Fidough.

Besides, this new Rotom Phone seems to be mostly an iterative upgrade from the previous one. One new feature is a mysterious glowing blue ring in the center of the device. Maybe that’s for wireless charging? The ring is positioned exactly where you would expect it to be wireless charging coil to be, after all. While I don’t remember having to charge the Rotom Phone in Galar, I think it’s nice that wireless charging could be an option while I was in one of the training schools in Paldea.

It’s disappointing that the big points on the top and bottom of the Rotom Phone are stuck for the next generation. That means it’s probably still not comfortable to slip into your pocket, but in Paldea, Backpacks seem to be all the rage — I guess I’ll have to pick one up as a place to stash my phone. (Maybe someday we’ll find out Rotom Mini Phone.)

Who needs a selfie stick when your Rotom Phone can float?
Image: The Pokémon Company

No word on 5G support, which could make it easier to stay in touch with your friends while traveling across Phaldea. But I hope the race to 5G won’t be a thing in Paldea as in other regions.

The IS a company that makes the Rotom Phone confirmed in a press release that the Pokédex and map will be reloaded onto the device. But we’ll have to wait and see what other new functionality might be available until we can try the new Rotom Phone for ourselves on November 18.

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