NYC McDonald’s employee shot by buyer’s son in spit over chilly fries

An order of cold fries sent hot lead flying outside a McDonald’s in Brooklyn, with an employee critically injured shot in the neck by the outraged customer’s son, police sources said Tuesday.

The 23-year-old fast food employee was taking orders around 7 p.m. Monday inside the Bedford-Stuyvesant restaurant when a 40-year-old customer, while chatting on FaceTime with her son, complained that her fries were French cold, police sources said. .

The son, listening in as his mother was arguing with store employees, then appeared out of nowhere outside the McDonald’s and entered the fast-food fracas rising, pulling a 9mm handgun and shooting the worker on Fulton St. near Throop Ave., according to police .

“We were sitting and we heard a ‘pop!'” said a street vendor who described the shooting victim, bleeding from a bullet wound, lying on the concrete after the gunfire.

“In McDonald’s, they had an argument against French fries … He was working hard. He was protecting his co-workers.”

The victim was hit in the side of the neck, just above the jawline, and was listed in critical condition Tuesday at Brookdale University Hospital, authorities said.

“(A) Very nice guy,” one of the victim’s co-workers said of the McDonald’s employee.

The mother told police she heard the shot but did not see the shooting, sources said. One shell casing was found at the scene.

“She must have been in shock, because she was spreading all the information about what happened,” said the eyewitness seller. “She admitted that she called her son.”

The 20-year-old suspect, who lives with his mother about four blocks away, was taken into custody for questioning at the 79th Precinct station. Charges against him were pending.

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A police source said the NYPD was already trying to talk to the suspect about the non-fatal Bedford-Stuyvesant shooting they believe he witnessed in May.

Another local businessman watched in horror as the victim was loaded into an ambulance, and the incident brought back memories of his own son’s shooting.

“It was really bothering me,” he said. “I took it personally.”

The strange incident was in the memory of the fatal shooting of a Chinese food deliveryman last April a customer was angry because there was no duck sauce in his order.

The McDonald’s shooting was not the first violent incident in the city’s fast food outlets this year.

On March 28, parolee Rasheed Osundairo, 31, allegedly knocked the other customer Melvin Dizon out cold while the victim ordered breakfast at the McDonald’s on Seventh Ave, near Madison Square Garden as other stunned customers stood by, unwilling to join.

Earlier that month, an outraged customer A worker armed with a stick was stabbed Many times during closing time in the morning inside McDonald’s in East Harlem, just a few steps from Burger King where A teenage cashier was gunned down during the Jan. 9 detention, police said.

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