Grusha Pokemon Fan Mistake For A Lady, Padea’s New Gymnasium Chief

Grusha stands next to a male and female sign.

Images: Nintendo / Kotaku

When the Pokémon Presents stream debuted a new ice-type gym leader, many fans thought the trainer, Grusha, was a girl. But official materials eventually revealed that the Glaseado Gym leader is a man who uses pronouns for him/her. Some fans were surprised when they realized that the new Poké-crush was not the gender they were attracted to. And I have no choice but to laugh.

The IS Pokémon The Twitter account revealed that Grusha was a professional snowboarder, and that he usually a cool one, except during battles. The masculine pronouns confused Reveals some fans thought they found a female gym leader, but most of the fandom was receptive his pronouns so far. Another, hornier fan had a personal crisis.

Bisexual Pokémon fans butwas completely unfazed. Others seem to have come around to their gay awakening. “If Grusha [is] a gay man calls me there,” said one of them Twitter user. Other fans I was excited that more players were joining the gay agenda via a cute gym leader: “grusha fr giving an unexpected gay awakening to so many people you will love to see it.”

Works damn fast, but NSFW Pokémon fan artists work faster. Grusha with a curvaceous body was visible in half of the clear white I saw (Seriouslydon’t view them on a work machine). One artist cry whose NSFW fans were no longer complacent: “I DRAWN A GRUSH WITH A FAT RENT ONLY TO FIND HIS HOME WHEN THE GOD DAMNIT PIECE BROUGHT TOO MUCH.” Another artist Flat Out refused to let some silly pronouns stop them from pulling a Grusha fanart with massive badonkers. More power to them!

Big titty or small titty, all Grushas are good. Transmasculine Grusha would definitely be able to fit a ton of boobage underneath that heavy winter coat. So we should all stop worrying about his gender and be more worried about whether or not he’ll be a tough gym leader to beat.

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