Deshaun Watson’s attraction will proceed on paper solely, and not using a listening to

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Now the NFL has appealed Deshaun Watson decision for the NFL, what happens next?

The Personal Transport Policy and the relevant provision of the Collective Bargaining Agreement set out the next steps.

Here is the relevant language in the Personal Transportation Policy: ‚ÄúSuch appeals will: (i) be processed on an expeditious basis; (ii) limited to consideration of the disciplinary terms imposed; and (iii) based on a review of the existing record without reference to evidence or evidence not previously considered. No evidence or additional evidence shall be presented to or taken by the Commissioner or his nominee. Any factual determinations and evidentiary determinations by the Disciplinary Officer shall be binding on the parties on appeal, and the decision of the Commissioner or his designee, who may reverse, reduce, modify or increase the discipline previously issued, shall be final. and binding on everyone. parties.”

As there is no new evidence, there is no reason for a new hearing. Neither the Personal Conduct Policy nor the CBA require an appeal hearing. Instead, it’s just a matter of both sides submitting their paperwork to Commissioner Roger Goodell or whoever he nominates to come to the same decision he would.

In this particular case, the factual findings and evidentiary rulings made by Judge Sue L. Robinson give the Commissioner or his designee all the ammunition necessary to replace his six-game suspension with something else. She found that Watson violated three different provisions of the policy on four different occasions. Nothing about his decision to suspend Watson six games limits the ability of Goodell or his designer to impose much longer suspensions.

That’s the most important thing to remember. Judge Robinson found the facts. And the facts she decided were exactly what the NFL wanted them to be. Although the NFL did not like its decision regarding the length of the suspension, the NFL has the ability under the policy to appeal the decision to the NFL, and replace its six-game suspension with whatever the NFL otherwise prefers . .

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