Crossplay for King of Fighters 15, rollback for Samurai Shodown, and extra introduced by SNK at Evo

During their Evo panel today, SNK shared a handful of exciting announcements for both King of Fighters 15 as well as Samurai Shodown.

For King of Fighters this includes both short and long term DLC information, such as the release date for the recently revealed Team Awakened characters Orochi, while for SamSho it’s all about netcode.

The developers took to the stage to offer some details and footage on how the three upcoming Team Awakened Orochi fighters will play, alternate versions of Shermie, Yashiro, and Chris. They also offered a release date for the upcoming set: August 8th.

The panel also noted that they are working on cross-platform play for KOF15, but it won’t be ready to roll out until sometime in 2023. Currently Sony console users can play with each other, but not with users Microsoft. However, this should be changing in the coming months.

Evo’s biggest reveals tend to happen on the day of the finals, and SNK said they haven’t revealed everything for this weekend yet. While we’re definitely excited to get our hands on Team Awakened Orochi in three days, we’ll soon have another new team to look forward to as another reveal is planned for this Sunday.

Finally, another season of DLC has been confirmed for The King of Fighters 15 with additional information to be implemented on Sunday as well.

Samurai Shodown, which released back in 2019, will be getting a net rollback code for online play on almost all platforms. The developers aim for spring 2023 for this update, and it will be available on all platforms except for the Nintendo Switch (due to technical limitations, according to the devs).

You can see the panel through the Twitch archive video here. It starts at the 4:40:10 mark and lasts for just over 30 minutes.

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